Testimonial – Alfred

Recommended by a pediatric dermatologist, my 4 YO girl has been using the Ceramoz for more than 2 years now. It is truly the best of both worlds, being able to moisturise and protect against mosquito bites at the same time!

One big problem we had to deal with when my girl started childcare was mosquitoes ?. Doesn’t help when she had eczema and very sensitive skin. One bite on her and the bitten site would swell and become inflamed. Mosquito patches don’t work at all, and kid-friendly insect repellents either don’t work so well, or are too “spicy” – imagine the whines when she accidentally rubs her eyes after applying the repellent. When we were initially introduced to Ceramoz, we were a bit doubtful but later glad to learn that my girl don’t get bitten by mosquitoes that often anymore! (Truth he told, she only gets bitten when she forgets to apply it after her shower in childcare). It has proved its use so much that I use it now even during her non school days, 2+ years and counting!

If you have a school-going child with eczema conditions, delicate skin, or is simply a mosquito magnet, Ceramoz will make your life better!