The Easiest Way to Keep Diaper Rash at Bay


Diaper rash can make your baby fussy and uncomfortable. To keep nappy rash at bay, practice frequent diaper changing, maintain good hygiene practices and use a diaper cream that provides triple action protections.

One of the skin conditions an infant may suffer from is diaper dermatitis, more commonly known as diaper rash. Though it seems like a simple skin problem, it makes you feel stressed as a parent when your precious little one helplessly cries because of those small red bumps on your baby’s bottom. Diaper rash can really make a baby fussy and uncomfortable.

According to an article on diaper dermatitis published in Pediatric Dermatology journal, there are different factors causing diaper rash. Primarily, your baby’s skin in the diaper area is susceptible to irritation because of prolonged exposure to urine and feaces. Another factor is prolonged and excessive humidity that may be caused by infrequent diaper change. Moreover, factors such as frequency of urination and defecation, hygiene practices, products applied to the skin, type of diaper used, diet, and medication may cause and worsen diaper rash.

Use diaper rash cream


Regardless of the cause, diaper rash is something that every parent wants to get rid of instantly. When your baby is inconsolable in the middle of the night due to diaper rash, you desperately search for something that will quickly relieve your child from the pain and discomfort. A simple and easy way out is applying diaper rash cream on your child’s affected area.

A simple and easy way out is applying diaper rash cream on your child’s affected area.

There are many diaper rash cream brands that you can choose from. Each product has its unique active ingredients. Some contain zinc oxide, which seals out wetness while providing moisturizing and regenerative effects. Other diaper cream brands contain Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Sunflower oil, which have anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and moisturizing effects.

Choose a diaper rash cream that rebuilds the skin's protective barrier

With the many options available nowadays, picking a diaper rash cream that will work best for your baby may be confusing. A guideline that you can use in searching for a good diaper rash cream is its ability to rebuild and maintain your baby’s skin barrier.

Your baby’s skin is sensitive and fragile as it still undergoes a maturation process until at least the first year of life

Your baby’s skin is sensitive and fragile as it still undergoes a maturation process until at least the first year of life. Based on an article on infant skin barrier published in Dermatology Research and Practice journal, skin barrier function is critical in preventing bacteria and other pathogens from entering your baby’s skin. This means that, if your baby suffers from skin conditions associated with skin barrier dysfunction like diaper dermatitis, your child is more susceptible to infections.

Thus, when your baby has diaper rash, it is important to treat the skin condition with a diaper rash cream that aids in the rebuilding of a healthy skin barrier. A diaper cream brand that helps reinforce a healthy skin protective barrier is Ceradan® Diaper Cream. It has a unique triple protective action that helps sooth, manage and prevent diaper rash.

Ceradan® Diaper Cream is enriched with essential skin lipids in optimal 3:1:1 ratio (ceramide, cholesterol, free fatty acids), which are critical in rebuilding and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. Additionally, it contains zinc oxide, which seals out wetness. Zinc oxide also has mild anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, regenerative, and moisturizing effects. This hypoallergenic diaper cream also contains octenidine, an antimicrobial that helps control yeast overgrowth.

It is best to apply the Ceradan® Diaper Cream after each diaper change. To make sure that the diaper area is clean, wash your baby’s bottom with a non-soap wash like Ceradan® Wash before applying the nappy cream.

To avoid getting stressed when your baby cries because of a nappy rash, make sure that there is always a good diaper rash cream at your home or inside your baby bag. However, prevention will always be better than cure, so don’t forget to change your baby’s diapers as frequently as possible, cleanse with a soap-free wash and apply a diaper cream that prevents rashes.

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