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Ceradan® range of products contain a ceramide-dominant lipid-based formulation that addresses two main issues in eczema-prone skin, a condition related to dry and sensitive skin.R1,R2

The symptoms experienced by individuals with eczema-prone skin result from a compromised skin barrier that occurs due to a deficiency of an important lipid structure, ceramide.R3,R4


Figure 1: When there is a lack of ceramide in the skin, it causes the skin barrier to breakdown.

The mainstay management of symptoms in eczema-prone skin is to ensure that products used for washing/cleansing and moisturising the skin are suitable for the skin type.R5 Emollient-based products are recommended for this as it is able to help replenish and retain moisture.R6

However, it does not address the lack of ceramides.


Figure 2: Eczema-prone skin has much less lipids in its structure, making it an important issue to address when managing it.

Ceramide-dominant lipid-based formulations on the other hand address ceramide deficiency by essentially replacing the missing ceramides and, restoring and repairing the skin’s natural barrier.R7,R8

Ceramide-dominant lipid-based formulation contains the three lipid components found in the skin. These are ceramide, cholesterol and fatty acids. In healthy skin, ceramide is the most abundant lipid and plays a very important role in supporting the normal skin barrier.R3, R4, R9

The unique science behind our products is that the ceramide-dominant lipid-based formulation used in Ceradan® has a 3:1:1 ratio wherein the concentration of ceramide is three times more than the other lipids. In fact, our products are the only available in the market with this specific type of formulation.

Do you know?
Ceradan® product formulation is the only one with a ceramide: cholesterol: fatty acid ratio of 3:1:1

The process of ceramide-dominant lipid-based formulation work:

  1. The product permeates into the topmost layer of the skin (also known as the stratum corneum)
  2. It becomes incorporated into the skin cells (also known as keratinocytes)
  3. The ceramide is then secreted back into the stratum corneum.

The ceramide in the formulation essentially replaces missing ceramides by becoming incorporated into the natural process of ceramide secretion.R8

By doing so, these formulations reduce inflammation in eczema-prone skin and restore the normal skin barrier.


Figure 3: Ceramide-dominant lipid-based products penetrate the skin. The ceramide is incorporated into the skin cells and secreted back into the skin layer to restore and repair the skin’s barrier. Ceradan® range of products contain 3 times more ceramide compared to cholesterol and fatty acids and is the only marketed product with this specific formulation.

Ceradan® range of products does not only carry the ceramide-dominant lipid-based formulation.

Its unique 3:1:1 ratio of ceramide:cholesterol:fatty acid is similar to that found in healthy skin. This specific ratio has been tested and shown to exert optimal benefits supporting accelerated optimal skin barrier repair.R10-R12


Figure 4: A clinical study showed that the ratio of ceramide:cholesterol:fatty acid of 3:1:1 lends to accelerated optimal skin barrier repair and increases moisture in the skin. Adapted from Man M-Q et al. 1996

Its unique 3:1:1 ceramide-dominant lipid-based formulation repairs the compromised skin barrier by incorporating ceramide into skin cells, creating an accelerated restoration of a healthier skin barrier.


Figure 5: Effect of Ceradan® unique 3:1:1 ratio that helps in the accelerated repair of the skin barrier

Ceradan® range of products has been clinically tested and shown to prevent 1 out of 2 symptom recurrence in children with eczema-prone skin conditions.R13


Figure 6: 1 in 2 children using Ceradan® products experience no recurrence of symptoms. Adapted from Koh M-J et al. 2017

While 9 in 10 users were satisfied with the regimen of washing and moisturising with Ceradan® products.R13


Figure 7: Almost 9 in 10 patients with eczema-prone skin indicated that they would repeat the regimen of bathing and moisturising with Ceradan® products. Koh M-J et al. 2017